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Post - 3.28.12

Hello everyone!

Great things are happening and still going as planned.
  • Final edits are almost completed
  • Book cover is closer to being revealed
  • As of right now, the eBook should be released sometime in May
  • As of right now, the Paperback should be released sometime in June
Once I have firm dates I will inform everyone!


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# Audiobook Announcement #

I'm happy to announce that Book 1 "Metatron The Angel Has Risen" is now on audio.
The narrator, Jeremy Basko, did a fantastic job. While listening it made the story become more real!!
Please take a listen to the sample. If you enjoy it like I did, pick up a copy - it's fairly inexpensive.

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Attention Walmart Shoppers!!

Hello friends - my paperbacks are being sold at Walmart online:

Thank you and happy shopping!