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Welcome featured author Eileen Schuh as she talks about the near future and why she imagined it to be as it is in DISPASSIONATE LIES

The future is hazy, sometimes scary and apocalyptic, and always intriguing. Science Fiction fans and authors love to feed that fear of the unknown, that horrifying ‘what-if?’. They perch as if at the top of the roller coaster, terrified to the core but anticipating the thrill. Science Fiction also probes the positives—time travel, space travel, invisibility, other beings, high tech. It exaggerates what we are familiar with—evil with unfathomable power often battles the underdog doers of good and our technology is super-sized. DISPASSIONATE LIES takes us a few steps into a future that, although familiar, is different than the world we know today. It takes the scientific research of 2014 over the brink of hypothesis and theory into actuality and we tumble along with it in the year 2035. Perhaps metamaterials are the norm, nanotech is providing magical fabrics and computing has leapt to astounding new levels. Perhaps people are different, evolving. Perhaps international borders are less de…

Summer Sizzles eBook Sale

  July 12 - 20, 2014 Enjoy discounts off select titles during our annual SUMMER SIZZLES eBook Sale.
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