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FREE ebook by Author Luke Murphy

FREE, from June 26-28

My International bestselling crime-thriller, DEAD MAN’S HAND, is now FREE, from June 26-28. I’ve been so happy with the success and reviews since releasing my debut novel back in October. DMH hit International Bestselling status almost overnight. There are so many crime-thriller writers and so many books in the genres that competition is at an all-time high. Many people have asked what makes my story so special and who would enjoy my book. Why will this novel generate an audience? - Dead Man’s Hand has tension and excitement as a result of the action taking place in a single week.

- The African-American protagonist is not stereotypical. While his race is significant, he does not moralize about the issue or his situation. 

- The “find out who framed you to save yourself” plot has a twist in that Watters researches the crime online, primarily using analysis of character rather than physical evidence.

- Point of view is easy to follow but engagingly complex, with scenes…

New Release by author Kat Flannery

Lakota Honor When writing LAKOTA HONOR I did a ton of research. When writing a historical novel there are certain elements that need to be correct. With this particular novel I needed to know where the Lakota natives originated from, their language, what they ate and their remedies for ailments and injuries. These are just a few of the natural remedies I researched and what they are used for. Icahpe Hu—translation unkown—Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Black Sampson. The prairie plant was used as an antidote for snake bites. Burned, the smoke was inhaled and worked for headaches, while the root could be chewed for toothaches. PejiHota ape Blaskaska—Flat leaked sage—Wild Sage Leaves are boiled and drank for upset stomach, and colds.
This plant was also used for religious ceremonies. Pejuta NatiyaziLya—Incense for head—Purple Mallow This was an important plant for the Lakota. When the root was burned the smoke was inhaled for head colds, or used to bathe aching muscles. The patient stands wi…