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Post - 3.28.12

Hello everyone!

Great things are happening and still going as planned.
Final edits are almost completedBook cover is closer to being revealedAs of right now, the eBook should be released sometime in MayAs of right now, the Paperback should be released sometime in JuneOnce I have firm dates I will inform everyone!

Excerpt 3.7.12

Another excerpt from my upcoming novel...

"Hey, that was pretty cool what you did Tyler." "Thanks. I thought so too," Tyler mumbled to the voice behind him. "Nobody ever stood up to Graeson before. Ever since I've been here he's always been a jerk to me."        Tyler turned to see who talked to him and he could not believe his eyes. A beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes about ten feet away, kneeling by the hallway wall, avoiding flying objects and clutching her books, smiled back at him.