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"BIGFOOT BOY: A rollicking way to learn"

It's Bigfoot Week for teens and parents – the author of BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth has declared May 23 – 30 BIGFOOT WEEK, when you can buy this exciting adventure eBook for 99 cents on Amazon!

Published by Mockingbird Lane Press, BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth is "a rollicking way for youngsters on the brink of adulthood to learn about gaining confidence and establishing support networks."
An airship full of alien MiddleSchool Bigfoot teens and their absentminded teacher crashes on Earth one winter, and a nearsighted Bigfoot, Errl, is dropped like Metatron on Earth! He's separated from his classmates and left behind to fend for himself in the Kootenay region of western Canada, and must reconnoiter with the rescue craft in ten days or risk being left behind for good.

Enter a golden furred Earth Bigfoot girl with stars in her eyes for Errl, a lovestruck alien Sasquatch, and a band of hunters and mounted police who are determined to shoot Errl or …

METATRON: The Mystical Blade

METATRON: The Mystical Blade Coming In August! While waiting get a FREE sample of Metatron: The Angel Has Risen Also a FREE sample in other countries: #Spain #UK #Japan #Italy #Germany #France #Canada #Brazil #Mexico #Australia