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THE THRILL OF IT ALL: how all kinds of writing use thrillers

Laurence St John writes thrillers with scifi/fantasy elements. I write women’s fiction, but over the course of my five books, I’ve seen most every plot benefits from elements of thrillers. Take my newest book, Never Retreat.In it, a feisty single mom clashes with an ex-military, macho corporate star at a business retreat in the wild Colorado mountains, where only one can win a huge prize. But when a massive flood imperils their love and survival, they learn the meaning of true partnership.

Potentially thrilling, right? Even if you discount the thrill of new love. I certainly thought so as I was writing the novel. Living in Colorado, I get news every few years about flash floods, forest fires, blizzards. And all of these have the potential to be featured in my fiction. The only one I’ve actually lived through is blizzards, so I depend heavily on narratives, videos, and news to fill in my gaps.
As the writer, I have to ask myself why I’m obsessed with thrilling disasters. Two reasons occu…