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Hello Everyone - Update 10.16.2019

Hello friends. It's been several months since I blogged. Everything is going fine - just was a busy summer.
I've been coaching 10U baseball (my grandson's team) and it's been a blast.
I'm currently writing book 4 in the Metatron Series.
There are a few more projects brewing but nothing concrete.

I hope all of you had a great summer and looking forward to blogging with you in the near future.

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# Audiobook Announcement #

I'm happy to announce that Book 1 "Metatron The Angel Has Risen" is now on audio.
The narrator, Jeremy Basko, did a fantastic job. While listening it made the story become more real!!
Please take a listen to the sample. If you enjoy it like I did, pick up a copy - it's fairly inexpensive.