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eReader Device News

Exciting News!
Coming in a few weeks,  METATRON: The Angel Has Risen will soon be available for Nook, Kobo, iPad, Sony and other ereading devices.
So, for those of you who do not have a Kindle but another device, please consider METATRON: The Angel Has Risen for your next read in the weeks ahead!
For now it's available on Kindle and Paperback at:
In addition, you can order the Paperback from Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble at:

Sincerely, Laurence

*** Final Days - Sale, 99 Cents***

***** 2 days left *****
Click on the book above for link
Wow, I can't believe it's been one year since "METATRON: THE ANGEL HAS RISEN" was published! It seems just like yesterday I was still drafting it.
To celebrate and show my appreciation and gratitude, the ebook addition will be on sale for a short period of time for only 99 cents!
Please forward/share this sale information with all your family and friends!! 

Additional links:

Guest Blog with author Kenna McKinnon

Young adult/MG sci-fi/fantasy adventure available May 3 – 10, 2013 inclusive for 99 cents on!

"SPACEHIVE is a fast paced, cross-pollination of a plot populated with invading giant wasps and bees sure to sting the imagination of its target audience."—Paula Shene, author of Mandy the Alpha Dog

"Sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying, and always imaginative, this high-tech, interplanetary tale will keep you buzzing through page after page. You will never look at bees the same way!"—Val Muller, author of Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive

"Wickedly funny and brimming with satire—a strange and quirky twist on the science fiction genre that will leave you in stitches. Highly recommended for youngsters and their parents alike!"—Derrick Hibbard, author of Impish
"Many novels have a sting in the tail, SPACEHIVE is literally full of them! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. SPACEHIVE is not only imaginative, but …