Tuesday, April 19, 2016

AREA51, Star Wars, Marvel Comic, Matrix, Superhero

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The New Superhero Everyone will Remember...

Do you love action packed books and/or movies such as Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, and/or The Matrix - just to name a few?

Then here is another name that will be in this group in the near future! The highly anticipated third novel in the METATRON book series is an awesome scifi/fantasy story that is action & adventure packed!  METATRON: BSR out Summer/Fall 2016

While waiting...

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One ruthless demon faces one relentless teenager…

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Thompson is on the verge of becoming a superhero, but he must prove himself so he can earn the remainder of his superpowers and fulfill his destiny.

When his grandfather, Benjamin, is held prisoner at AREA 51, where the eternal powers are presumed to be hidden, Tyler attempts to penetrate the base’s heavy security. However, Dr. Mason Payne, the evil scientist who killed Tyler's father, has insidious plans of his own.

Hunted by an unknown entity, Tyler races against the clock to retrieve the superpowers, rescue his family and help the others who are depending on him. And when all hope seems lost, help comes in a power he didn’t know he possessed—a mysterious weapon known as The Mystical Blade.

A little about Laurence

While working in the steel industry, my place of employment changed hands for the third time. Fortunately I was able to retain my job.

In the same year my first granddaughter Kendall was born. This was one of the most uplifting moments of my life. It was at this time when I became inspired as well as determined to write my penned-up thoughts on paper.

A few years later, and many hours of writing, editing, revising and re-editing, it was finishedThis journey had many bumps and curves in the road but at the end, it was all worth it.

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