Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Exciting & Humbling - New Publisher!

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First of all, I want to thank all my family and friends for supporting/following me on my book journey throughout the past several years. “Thank you very much!”
It’s been a great 6 years with my previous publisher Imajin Books. I appreciate everything they have done for me in my writing career. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we have parted ways.
Like I said a few weeks ago, “When one door closes, another door opens.”
Well, I’m excited and humbled to announce that another huge door has opened and I have signed a contract with CMP. With this being said, I will be revising my website; my paperbacks will be getting new covers which will hopefully be available again in a few months along with the eBooks.
What do you think of the new METATRON logo??!!
There is much more exciting news coming so please stay tuned!
For now, here is my new publishers’ announcement:

Cosby Media Productions
The CMPDSU continues to grow. Our lineup of #Superheroes or Super-Normals as we call them, are both compelling and original. Our authors are talented creatives that write vivid stories that will capture the imagination and take readers to new worlds that will both inspire and captivate the hearts of millions. Our newest member to the fold is METATRON, a young teen with an array of dazzling #superpowers from author Laurence St. John. METATRON will be making his CMPDSU appearance later this fall and will be a part of our Phase II INFINITY 7 initiative over the next few years. Check out METATRON’S cool insignia below. To find out more about all of our CMPDSU heroes, swing by our website at http://cosbymediaproductions.com/cmpdsu/

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